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Common issues
  • The game doesn't work

    Clear your web browser's cache. There might be damaged files in the cache, which causes troubles with game loading. It is a common recommendation, to clean the cache, but it is surprisingly often helps people get back into the game.

    Also we recommend to decrease load of your internet connection and check the equipment (network adapter, wi-fi router, switch or other).

  • Game hangs up or turns to black window

    Please update Flash player for your web-browser

  • How to save a log?

    Taking a Log of your game will help us to diagnose issues with your game. This is easy to do! But please take the log before reloading, while the error window is still showing or we will not receive the necessary data.
    1) Click anywhere on the game screen and type: waw.
    2) A small black Utility Window will appear in the upper left corner of the game window.
    3) Hold the ALT key on your keyboard and click the "Sv" button in the top right of the black Utility Window.
    4) This will open a window where you can save the log file on your PC.
    5) Send the log file to Support or PM it to one of the Community Helpers.

Contact us

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