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Common issues
  • The game doesn't work

    Clear your web browser's cache. There might be damaged files in the cache, which causes troubles with game loading. It is a common recommendation, to clean the cache, but it is surprisingly often helps people get back into the game.

    Also we recommend to decrease load of your internet connection and check the equipment (network adapter, wi-fi router, switch or other).

  • Game hangs up or turns to black window

    Please update Flash player for your web-browser

  • How do I open a new land expansion?

    Expansions are opened based on your Magic Level, not Experience Level. You need both the correct Magic Level and either Coins or Rubies to open each new land parcel.


  • Where to find " Dawn Keys" and "Twilight Keys"?

    Dawn Keys and Twilight Keys can be bought in the Trading Tower. 12 Dawn Keys cost 30 Tokens of GD and 12 Twilight Keys cost 90 Tokens of GD.


Jewelry Boxes, Packages, Boxes
  • What items can be found in the Jewelry Box?

    Magic dust, Saw, Hammer, Shovel, Nails, Nectar, Grapevines, Seeds, Agaric mushroom, Frog, Bones, Clay, Spells, Premium energy, Magic Watering Cans, Rubies, Pigfly, Bully, Passion Flower, Bella Donna, Llamala.


  • What items can be found in Packages?

    Coins, Experience, Mana, Wood, Stone, Magic Dust, Saw, Hammer, Shovel, Nails, Grapevines, Seeds, Agaric Mushrooms, Frogs, Bones, Clay, Premium Energy, Magic Watering Cans, Rubies, Magic XP, Kaya's Gems.


  • What items can be found in Boxes?

    Coins, Experience, Wood, Stone, Magic Dust, Clay, Stone Fence, Wooden Fence, Green Hedges, Flower Hedge, White Fences, Spells, Dragon Treats, Premium Energy, Magic Watering Cans, Rubies, Magic XP.

Good Deeds Department
  • What is Trading Tower?

    There is a shop in the Trading Tower where you can buy various buildings, items and resources for GD Tokens. Besides, during the timed quests you can find limited items for completing these quests.


  • What is Good Deeds Department?

    It is a special building that gives you challenging tasts every day. Completing these tasks gives you valuable resources and new game currency - Good Deeds Tokens. GDD is available for all players starting from 15 level. To get the primary quest “The Kindest Enchanter” make sure you have opened the Trading Tower. Then following the task, buy and put the GDD on your land. Now you can start the daily tasks!


  • How can I get Good Deeds token and what can I spend it on?

    You can get the tokens by completing daily tasks in GDD. This is a special currency which you can spend in the Trading Tower on the Keys, decorations and other useful items.



  • How to open the chests?

    When the circle is fully green, you need to click on it to get your reward.


  • When will they open?

    The reward is sent automatically at 00.00. Msk or the moment you complete the last task available for today. The new tasks are announced every day at 00.00 Msk time and you have 24h to complete them.



  • Does the number of the chests depend on your level?

    Yes, of course! GDD’s tasks are open for all players starting from 15 level.


    1 Chest - from 15 level

    2 Chests - from 25 level

    3 Chests - from 40 level

    4 Chests - from 60 level



Game currency
  • How to earn Gold?

    You can earn the "Gold" in several ways:

    - Sell your resources on the Market at home or at your neigbours;

    - Sell grown-up animals'

    - Enchant the buildings with the spells;

    - Collect income from the buildings, the "Weird Shop" and the "Shop";

    - Accept your neigbours' help on your Market.


  • How to get rubies?

    There several ways of getting the rubies:

    - Reach a new level;

    - Post a link "Gifts for everyone!"

    - You have a chance on getting the rubie by opening "Jewelry Box", "Boxes", "Packages" and "Friendly Gifts". 


  • How to get Quarters?

    The Quarters drop with a chance when you perform any action on your land. Necessary condition: you should have a Billboard on your land. 


Mana and experience
  • I have 300 mana but want 400. What should I do? How can I increase mana supply?

    To increase the amount of mana you need to build a Druse of Concentration (increases limit of mana on 300) or a Crystal of Concentration (increases limit of mana on 100). 


  • What is experience? How can I increase the level?

    You can increase your experience by performing any actions on your lands and at your neigbours'. When you complete a quest, you gain a lot of experience at once. Experience is needed for increasing your level. The higher your level is, the opportunities you have! Many of the adventures are available for the players  who have 18+ level. 


  • What if I am asked of more mana than I can accumulate? How can I do it?

    Build a Druse or Crystal of Concentration. They will help increase the amount of mana you can save up.




  • What is magical experience and what do I need it for?

    Magic XP opens an access to some buildings and gives an opportunity to buy new territories in the Magic Forest. Click on the building to see how many Magic XP you need to open it. 

    How to increase your Magic XP:

    - Casting spells;

    - Buying new decorations;

    - Bringing up Llamala and Bird of Happiness;

    -Feeding special animals at your neigbours lands. 

  • Where to find resources?

    Mana - Plants (when harvesting), the source of mana. 


    Lumber - The trees, the Woodlot. You can also recieve it as a gift. 


    Planks - Lumber Mills. 


    Clay - The Quarry, the stones. 



    Rocks - Stones, the Mine, the Quarry. You can also recieve it as a gift. 


    Magic Dust - The Spells, performing actions at your neigbours'. You can also recieve it as a gift. 


    Shovel - The Spells, Shacks, Huts, Luxurious House, Clay House, Forges. You can also recieve it as a gift. 


    Hammer - The Spells, Shacks, Huts, Luxurious House, Clay House, Forges. You can also recieve it as a gift. 


    Saw - The Spells, Shacks, Huts, Luxurious House, Clay House, Forges. You can also recieve it as a gift. 


    Nails - The Spells, Shacks, Huts, Luxurious House, Clay House, Forges. You can also recieve it as a gift. 


    Frog - The weeds, the bushes. You can also recieve it as a gift. 


    Belladonna - Crafted in the Laboratory.


    Lens - Crafted in the Laboratory.


    Agaric Mushrooms - The mushrooms and you can also receive it as a gift. 


    Bones - Drop from the Ruins on your land. You can also recieve it as a gift. 


    Ink - No one's Hut, Witch's Hut.


    Leather - Drop from feeding the animals on your land. 


    Bricks - Crafted in the Laboratory. 


    Scroll - Crafted in the Laboratory. 


    Poison - Crafted in the Laboratory. 


    Book - Crafted in the Laboratory. 


    Weird Compounds - Crafted in the Laboratory. 


    Knowledge - The Library.


    Paint - The spells and friendly gifts. 


    Grapevine - The trees. You can also receive it as a gift. 


    Solt - Drops from Mine and stones (at your neigbours' too). 


    Gems, Rocks, Paper, Firewater, Knowledge - Drops from the buildings at your neigbours' even if you don't have the required for craft buildings on your own lands. 


    Tulips - Can be crafted in the Greenhouse.


    Trovants - Can be crafted in the Greenhouse. 




Interactions with your friends
  • How to send a gift?

    Choose a neigbour you want to send a gift to on the lower bar. Point a cursor on his or her avatar and click "Gift". Choose a gift in an opened window and click "Send a Gift". A social network may also ask for permission to send an announcement to the player. 


  • How to send a request to your friends?

    If you lack any resources for building or crafting, you can always use the button "Ask". Choose a friend whom you want to ask for the resource in a new window and confirm your choice. 


  • How to express your thanks to your visitors?

    If you want to express your gratitude to those who helped you on your land, you can use a new heart-shaped button in the game bar. Clicking on the bar will show you the people who have visited your lands in the past 2 days. The first in the list are those who have helped you recently. 


  • How many days the gifts are kept

    All the gifts are valid for 2 weeks. If the amount of gifts exceeds the limit or the gifts are not accepted for more than 2 weeks, they will be removed automatically. 

The shmoos
  • How to have more shmoos?

    Buy and make the buildings (Shacks, Huts, Luxurious House, Manor, Cabin, Clay House). You can build up to 3 houses of each kind; Cozy Shack, Cozy Hut - 1 house each. 


  • What shall I do when the plant withers?

    If the plant on your garden bed withered, you can either water it or root it up. You can root any plant up for mana or water it with the "Magic Watering Can". Moreover, it is possible to agree with your neigbours on watering ot rooting up your plants. 


  • When does this or that plant wither?

    Each plant has its own withering time. You can see the timer when the plant is  grown. 


  • How to buy a Pigfly?

    - Build the "Pigfly Nursery" and the "Pen".

    - You can buy a "Pigfly" in the Store or get it for free while collecting the income from your "Pigfly Nursery". 

    - Check the tab "Inventory" --> "Harvest"--> choose the "Pigfly" and put it in the "Pen". 


  • How to bring up and sell a Pigfly?

    You can only sell Animals that are fully grown. Click the "Actions" button shaped like a hand and choose the $ sign, then click on the animal you wish to sell.


  • Where to find a Dragon Pen?

    You can purchase Dragon Pens with Rubies in the Store > and purchase a “Fireproof Pen with Good Deed Tokens in the Trading Tower.


  • How to feed a Dragon?

    To feed your Dragons you will need to craft Trovants in your Greenhouse, plant them from inventory and harvest them for Dragon Treats. You can also ask Neighbors to feed them for you, to save on material

  • When does the Dragon grow up?

    Dragons are fully grown on thew 15th-20th level (depending on the type). You can sell them after it reaches the fully grown level and get an "Element" of a particular colour. You can also keep on feeding the grown-up dragon and get its "Scale". 


  • How do I get Leather for selling an animal?

    Blue Sheep is an animal that gives 100% Leather drop after sale. The Sheep has 10 levels and feeds mana. Can be created in the Laboratory. Recipe: 125 Gold + 10 Stones + 15 Wood



  • How to complete your building?

    - Click on the object with an icon of a "hammer" above it: 

    - Check the list of required resources which you need to have (will be opened in the new window). 

    - Click "Complete" and wait until the building is completed. 

    Where to find resaources required for building:

    - Get them after casting a spell on the buildings;

    - Craft them in the Laboratory or on the production;

    - Get them as a gift from your friends. 

  • How to get the spell?

    - Click on the "Tower of Magic";

    - Click "Begin production".

    How to use the spells?
    - Choose "Inventory";

    - Choose "Spells" tab and find the scroll you need, click "Use";

    - Click on the shmoo or the building you would like to charm to put a spell on it. 


  • Which bonuses do you get casting a spell?

    - A spell cast on the building: reduces production time; gives Gold, Magical experience, a resource drop randomly; increases amount of Gold, experience and resource that is in production. 

    -A spell cast on the shmoo: gives Magical experience and a resource that drops randomly. 

  • How do the spells differ from each other?

    All the spells crafted in the Tower of Magic reduce the time of your buildings production and increase the reward. The more advanced spell is, the more powerful effec it causes. Moreover, there are seasonal enchantments which give even more bonuses. 

  • What is "The Transformation" ?

    "Transformation" is a special spell which usually appears in the events. "Transformations" are used to turna an ordinary object (a tree, a weed, a bush, a stone) to another object neeeded for a particular task in the event. "Transformation" cannot be applied to the shmoo, buildings and seasonal objects on your lands. 


If you are on HTML5 and experience difficulties
  • What to do if the game doesn't work on HTML5?

    Issue: You try to log into the game in HTML5, but it doesn’t open or works incorrectly. 


    Solution: Please check to see if your device meets the minimum system requirements.

     - at least 3 GB RAM

    - an AMD or Intel Core processor operating with at least 3 GHz

    - a video card


    If your device doesn’t meet the aforementioned requirements, the game can crash or not work at all. Moreover, if you play on a netbook, you can experience several issues. 


    Try to close other tabs as they consume RAM. Close all other programmes on your device except for the browser. 


    Another issue that can cause problems with the HTML5 version is if your browser or the video card of your device doesn’t support WebGL.  WebGL is a 3d graphic displaying technology in browsers. It can be either switched off or unavailable.  


    Please note: For the game to work correctly, use the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Opera. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee smooth gameplay in other browsers. 



  • How to switch on WebGL?

    To switch on WebGL follow the instructions for your browser.


     Google Chrome


    • Open browser settings.

    • Then “Advanced”.

    • Find “System” section.

    • Click on “Use hardware acceleration when available”.

    • Restart your browser and log into the game.


    Mozilla Firefox

    • Open browser settings.

    • Then “General” → “Performance”.

    • Click on the tick “Use the recommended settings” to remove the tick.

    • Put a tick on “Use hardware acceleration when available”.

    • Maximum amount of content processes - automatically/as a default.

    • Restart your browser and log into the game.




    • Open browser settings.

    • Click “Browser” on the left.

    • Find “System” section.

    • Click on “Use hardware acceleration when available”

    • Restart your browser and log into the game.




    • Open browser settings.

    • Choose “Advanced”.

    • Make sure Show Develop is set in the menu.

    • Check is Enable WebGL is set in the Security section. 

    • Restart your browser and log into the game.


  • How to update video card's drivers?

    If hardware acceleration is switched on but you still can’t log into the game, try to update your video card’s drivers. 


    For Windows users:


    • Open “Device Manager”.

    • Click video adapter with the right mouse button and choose “Update driver”.

    • Choose “Search automatically search for updated driver software” and click “Update”.

    • Restart your computer once you finish.

    If using the above methods does not fix the error,, unfortunately your game won’t work with HTML5. A Flash Player version is still available so you can switch to it. 



  • Why does the game use cookies?

    The use of cookies will save game settings and increase its loading speed. This data is used solely to ensure the operation of the game.

  • How to enable cookies in your browser

    Google Chrome

    1. Click the context menu in the browser toolbar to the right of the address bar.
    2. Choose Settings.
    3. Click "Show Advanced Settings."
    4. Click Content settings in the Privacy section.
    5. Ensure that the bullet for "Allow local data to be set (recommended)" is checked.
    6. Also ensure that "Block third-party cookies and site data" is unchecked.

    For more information on Google Chrome, please see Google's Help Center.


    1. Click the Tools menu from the top toolbar.
    2. Choose Options.
    3. Click the Privacy tab.
    4. Under "History" select "Use custom settings for history" from the drop-down menu beside "Firefox will."
    5. Ensure that the checkboxes for "Accept cookies from sites" and "Accept third-party cookies" are both checked.
    6. Click OK.

    For more information on Mozilla, please see Firefox Help for more instructions on enabling cookies.


    1. Click the Safari menu from the top toolbar.
    2. Choose Preferences.
    3. Click the Privacy tab.
    4. Click the Never checkbox for Block Cookies.

    For more information on Safari, please see Apple's Help Center.

    Internet Explorer

    1. Click 'Tools' (the gear icon) in the browser toolbar.
    2. Choose Internet Options.
    3. Click the Privacy tab, and then, under Settings, move the slider to the top to block all cookies or to the bottom to allow all cookies, and then click OK.

    For more information on Internet Explorer, please see Microsoft's Help Center on enabling cookies.

University of Magic
  • What is the University of Magic?

    The “University of Magic" is the main enchanter's laboratory of magic. There you can create amazing spells that only a powerful enchanter can do. All 45+ lvl players are able to start on a quest to learn new spells. 

  • Recipes in the University of Magic

    In the “University of Magic", the enchanter can create:


    At the Magical Institute, the wizard will be able to create:


    • Emerald Transformation (apply to a Boulder to get an Emerald Pillar);

    • Topaz Transformation (apply to a Boulder to get a Topaz Piece);

    • Amber Transformation (apply to a Boulder to get an Amber Piece);

    • Trees Summoning (apply to an empty space on the land to instantly grow new trees);

    • Stone Summoning (apply to an empty space on the land to get stones);

    • Bushes Summoning (apply to an empty space on the land to get bushes);

    • Forest Summoning 

    • Sea vouchers are a unique currency. It is worth its weight in gold in the Magic World. 


  • How do I get a Sea Voucher?

    "Sea Voucher" is a special currency that can be created in the “University of Magic". Recipe "Sea Voucher" will become available after completing special quests. You will need Good Deeds Tokens + Peacat’s feather + Ball of blue wool to create it. 


  • How do I get a Sea Voucher?

    "Sea Voucher" is a special currency that can be created in the “University of Magic". Recipe "Sea Voucher" will become available after completing special quests. You will need Good Deeds Tokens + Peacat’s feather + Ball of blue wool to create it. 



Aquatic animals
  • How can I get Aquatic Animals?

    Each player at level 47+ has an amazing array of aquatic animals. Each aquatic animal gives 1 unique resource per feed and 5 for selling. Adult animals do not give anything for a feeding resource. Animals prefer to live in ponds (Forest Pond, Mystery Pond, etc.). You can buy a Pond in the Trading Tower.

  • What to feed aquatic animals?

    Aquatic animals feed on Pollen. Pollen is the harvest of the Yellow Water Lily. You can buy Yellow Water Lily in the Trading Tower.

  • What is the Bakery?

    The place where the magic of baking lives!. "Bakery" has 4 levels. The first level can be obtained by opening sector 12. The Bakery produces Corn cookies. As the level of the Bakery increases, the income from it will also increase, and the cookies will be needed to feed and prepare food in the Magical Nursery for special pets.

Magical nursery
  • What is the Magical Nursery?

    the place where the magical creatures are found. It works the same as the Laboratory.

    Special cookies crafted in the Magical Nursery:

    Peacat cookie - is needed for feeding the Peacat. Recipe: 2 Corn cookies + 1 Emerald crystal + 1 Groundnut.

    Blue fox cookie - is needed for feeding the Blue fox. Recipe: 2 Corn cookies + 1 Topaz crystal + 1 Stonenut.

    Wingrrel cookie - is used to feed the Wingrrel. Recipe: 2 Corn cookies + 1 Amber crystal + 1 Treenut.


    You can create some amazing animals in the Nursery! They are fastidious eaters and prefer to live in pens.


  • Nursery’s animals

    You can create some amazing animals in the Nursery! They are fastidious eaters and prefer to live in the Pens.


    • Sixpaw is an adorable bunny. He has 10 levels and eats Cornbread and Mana. Sailing gives Sixpaw’s trails which will be useful for Wingrrel crafting. Can live in any pens.

    • Peacat is a beautiful creature that requires special care. Has 10 levels, feeds on Peacat Cookies and Mana. Can live only in Dragon or Fireproof pens. Sailing gives Peacat’s feather which will be used for Sea voucher.

    • Wingrrel - a squirrel with wings. Has 10 levels, feeds on Wingrrel cookie and Mana. Can live only in Dragon or Fireproof pens. Sailing gives the Wingrrel’s song that will be used for Peacat and Blue fox creating. 

    • Blue Fox is a mysterious rare animal. It has 10 levels, feeds on Blue Fox Cookies and mana. Can live only in Dragon or Fireproof pens. Sailing gives Ball of blue wool which will be used for the Sea voucher.




Personal data
  • Privacy Policy

    You can find the privacy policy here.

  • How to delete personal data?

    For the operation of the "Charm Farm" application, we use the following personal data of the player:

     - friends list
     - age
     - first name
     - last name
     - gender
     - local
     - photo
     - currency
     - social id
     - access token
     - permissions.


    Without this data you won't be able to proceed playing "Charm Farm", but you can delete this data. In this case your player profile, game progress, all data and personal data will be permanently deleted and you won't be able to continue playing.
    In order to delete your personal data and player profile, please contact our customer support service with the according request using feedback on this site.

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