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Frequently asked questions
  • How to pass the level?

    For successful walkthrough you should complete all goals on the level. Goals are displayed on level launch window and on top of game screen during playthrough.

    Important! All levels in the Enchanted Forest can be completed without purchases, we checked :)

    If you are looking for walkthrough tips, check game page on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Charms-of-the-Witch-234097717152771/

  • When the next game update will be available?

    Charms of the witch updates are uploaded at least once a month. Each update is checked and tested by game shop (Appstore\Google play), that is why we can't tell exact date when it will be avaliable for players. All news are located on our game page here: https://www.facebook.com/Charms-of-the-Witch-234097717152771/

  • How can I move to the next episode?

    The game consists of numerous locations with queue of levels in it. Each location has a portal in the end of the level queue, the portal delivers you to next location when certain conditions fulfilled. To activate the portal and move to the next location Selena must cast a magic spell. There are special ingredients needed for the spell in certain quantity. Each location provides three different ingredients to be collected.
    To move to next location two conditions should be fulfilled:
    • all levels of current location completed;
    • all necessary ingredients for the spell should be collected.
    How do I get ingredients to activate the portal?
    Each level completion brings from one to three stars, number of which depends on the game score. Use stars to break magic spheres to get the ingredients and activate the portal.
    The higher score you get, the more stars you receive. The more stars received during the game, the faster ingredients collected. Sometimes Batsy might offer an opportunity to get an extra star. If you see Batsy in the end of level, tap on it to get more stars.
    To see the how many pieces of the ingredient in particular required for the portal activation, tap the icon of the ingredient at the top of game screen or the portal.
  • How can I move between unlocked episodes faster?

    Open list of the game episodes by pressing button in the right bottom part of game screen (button with the dotted line). In pop-up window select episode you need and tap on it to move.

  • How can I get three stars for level walkthrough?

    On levels with limited amount of moves: try to activate amulets in a "cascade" (when one amulet activates another and so on). Each following amulet will double points you get, which will help you to get more stars.

    After level completion Batsy can get one more star for you - tap on it to watch advertisement video and to get star as a reward.

Game currency
  • How can I get diamonds? What are they needed for?

    Diamonds are in-game currency in “Charms of the Witch”.
    Diamonds are needed to:
    • purchase charmies, hearts and ingredients for portal activation;
    • extend game session with extra moves;
    • move to next locations without having all ingredients collected.
    Diamonds can be purchased in in-game store.
    Use the piggy bank, to purchase diamonds at the best price available! In the end of any completed level, you have an opportunity to fill a piggy bank with diamonds. When the piggy bank is full, you can purchase the diamonds with best discount prices!
    First log-in via social network in the game, brings 100 diamonds for free.
  • How can I get coins? What are they needed for?

    Use coins to upgrade elements of the house. You can earn coins by completing levels and events in the Enchanted Forest.

  • How can I get hearts?

    In the beginning of the game you have 5 hearts max. When a level failed, one heart gets lost. Hearts are required to start a level or some events. Charmy’s Guess the Riddle Game event doesn’t require hearts to play.
    Here is the list of things you can do to get hearts recovered:
    • wait for a while: the number of hearts recovers with time;
    • send a request to a friend via “ask for hearts” button in a Hearts shop. To open Hearts shop, tap a heart at top of the game screen. One friend can only send you one heart per day. If you have the maximum amount of hearts, which is 5, you can’t receive more hearts before spending them;
    • purchase hearts in Hearts shop;
    • watch a video ad. To open it, tap relevant button in Hearts shop.
Events in the game
  • What is an event?

    Events are extra locations in the game. Some events are available for limited time only, meaning that all event levels should be completed shortly after the event was activated. When completed all event levels successfully, you get a reward. Event icon placed in the left upper corner of the game screen. Tap the icon to enter the Event!
    Characters of the game
    Each event is initiated by different characters of the game. Each character stands its rules of the game and conditions of getting the reward.
    Winged Cat - The event initiated by the Winged Cat has no time limit. Invite friends via social network to unlock the levels and get a reward!
    Leprechaun Patrick - Leprechaun Patrick can be chased and caught within time-limited event. Manage to complete all levels on first try within 24 hours limit and get a reward!
    Charmy’s Guess the Riddle Game - has no time limit. Each level completion brings bonuses for the game and successful completion of the event brings a valuable reward. To activate this event no hearts needed.
    Visiting Vlad - is an event where you need to complete 1 level per day. Get a reward for each level passed and the most valuable prize for completing the whole event! This event has no time limit, but if you miss a day, you will have to start the event over!
    The amount of time left before the end of event is displayed on its icon and at the top of the event episode map.
  • What is Selena’s house? What can I do with it?

    Selena is an official resident of the Enchanted Forest now! Are you ready to make things cozy?
    Visit Selena's house by pressing button on the bottom of game screen.
    Choose element you want to upgrade. You'll be able to choose the best option within several variations!
    Use coins to upgrade elements of the house. You can earn coins by completing levels and events in the Enchanted Forest.
    Finished decorating the house? Move on to the Magic adventure!
Personal data (Charms of the Witch)
  • How to remove my personal data from Charms of the Witch game?

    When you log into a social network from the "Charms of the Witch" app, the game creates an impersonal id used to synchronize your progress between mobile devices. No personal data (e.g. last name or avatar) is saved!

    If you want to remove this data, you need to write to our support team with a corresponding request using the feedback on this site.

  • Privacy policy

    You can view our privacy policy here.

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