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Events in game
  • What is an event?

    Events are the extra episodes in game. Events are avaliable for a limited period of time. Fullfill event goals while it is active to recieve useful rewards.

  • What kind of events will I see on Gemmy Lands?

    Rollback event - regular event, available from monday to thursday. Beat all levels of event on first try to win rewards. 

    Walkthrough event - regular event, available from monday to thursday. Beat all levels of event on first try to win rewards. 

    Tournament event (gem, blast) - regular event, available from wednesday to saturday. First ten spots in the tournament table win rewards when event ends.

    Chest - regular event, available from saturday to wednesday. Complete all levels before the chest on the episode map to win rewards.

Frequently asked questions
  • How to pass the level?

    For successful walkthrough you should complete all goals on the level. Goals are displayed on level launch window and on top of game screen during playthrough.

    Important! All levels on Gemmy Lands can be completed without purchases, we checked :)

    If you are having difficulty problems during walkthrough, you can use gold to purchase Totems. Tap on Totem you want to purchase to fill it with magic right away!

    If you are looking for walkthrough tips, check game page on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Gemmylands/ and our youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/gemmylands

  • How can I get three stars for level walkthrough?

    On levels with limited amount of moves: try to activate bonuses in a "cascade" (when one bonus activates another and so on). Each following bonus will double points you get, which will help you to get more stars.

    On levels with limited amount of time: try to activate bonuses in a "cascade" during super-mode (fire animation around the edges of game screen) to get even more points for their activation.

  • When the next game update will be available?

    Gemmy Lands updates are uploaded at least once a month. Each update is checked and tested by game shop (Appstore\Google play), that is why we can't tell exact date when it will be avaliable for players. All news are located on our game page here: https://bit.ly/2QLNwP7

  • How can I move to the next episode?

    Next episode is locked. This lock has a timer - 12 hours (or less on earlier episodes). When timer runs out, you can unlock the lock in game to move to the next episode. If you've enabled notifications in game, you'll be notified when timer runs out! You can also shorten the amount of time on lock:

    • By inviting friends in game (30 minutes removed)
    • By watching a video ad (1 hour removed)

    You can use both of these methods to shorten timer as much as you want!

  • How can I move between unlocked episodes faster?

    Press button in the right bottom corner of game screen. Episode menu will pop up and you will be able to choose where to move.

  • How can I get energy? What is it needed for?

    Energy is a special resource for events and Rainbow Adventure. Energy regeneration rate is not connected with hearts and buildings on your Planet. You can purchase extra energy with diamonds.

  • What is "Rainbow adventure"? What is it for?

    Rainbow adventure - is an extra level branch, available for all players. Levels in Rainbow Adventure can be unlock during your walkthrough of regular level branch.


    Energy is required for level walkthrough in Rainbow Adventure. 

    You can win rewards for completing levels in Rainbow Adventure.

  • Friends in the game. Why do I need them?

    Playing with friends is fun! You'll be able to see progress of your friends in game and compete for best level score. And most importantly: you can help each other during walkthrough by sending and recieving hearts! If you want to send or ask for hearts, tap on heart in the left upper corner of game screen.

    If you want to recieve a heart - tap on the envelope in the right part of game screen (if you see a number on the envelope, there are unrecieved gifts in there).

  • What are buildings for?

    Buildings speed up hearts restoration time. You can upgrade buildings to increase their efficiency.

  • How can I purchase and upgrade buildings?

    If you want to purchase or upgrade a building, open your Planet (tap on icon in the left side of screen).

    Press on the "house" in the right bottom corner to buy or to upgrade a building.


  • How can I buy and upgrade Totems?

    Totems and upgrades for them are free! They will become avaliable during your walkthrough.

  • I've purshased a building, but heart restoration time didn't change. What should I do?

    Purchase of a building doesn't remove the exact amount of time from current heart timer, it shortens the restoration time for 5 hearts at once. Update your game to the latest version avaliable, because we've changed building timers for your comfort!

Game currency
  • How can I get diamonds? What are they needed for?

    Diamonds are the currency in Gemmy Lands. With them you can: purchase hearts, additional moves and time during walkthrough, unlock new episode and etc. You can get more diamonds by several ways:

    • By logging in via Vkontakte or Facebook. You will recieve 10 diamonds on first log in.
    • By purchasing them in game shop.
    • By participating in competitions in instagram https://www.instagram.com/gemmylands/ 
    • By paticipating in events.
    • By opening daily chest with rewards.


    "Star deal" - Kopernick the Cat will visit you sometimes with a very tempting offer to exchange your stars on diamonds! Purchase cost doesn't change, so you could collect more stars and purchase more diamonds!

    • collect 35 stars to activate the deal
    • only stars aquired during first walkthrough of the level are added to the deal
    • 1 star equals 1 diamond. These diamonds can only be obtained via deal purchase.
    • maximum amount of diamonds available for a deal is 50.

  • How can I get gold? What is it needed for?

    Gold is the currency in Gemmy Lands. With it you can buy and upgrade buildings, purchase Totems during playthrough. You can get more diamonds by several ways:

    • By completing levels in game.
    • By participating in events.
    • By opening daily reward chest.
    • By purchasing them in game shop.

  • How can I get hearts?

    Hearts can be restored in time. In the beginning one heart restores in 30 minutes. Hearts will be restored faster after you place and upgrade buildings on your planet.

    You can get more hearts:

    • By asking your friends. Press heart in upper left corner of the game screen to open heart shop and then press "Ask" button.
    • By purchasing them in heart shop when you have 0 hearts left. Purchase includes 5 hearts.
    • By paticipating in events.
    • By opening daily chest with rewards.

Personal data (Gemmy Lands)
  • How to remove my personal data from Gemmy Lands game?

    When you log into a social network from the "Gemmy Lands" app, the game creates an impersonal id used to synchronize your progress between mobile devices. No personal data (e.g. last name or avatar) is saved!

    If you want to remove this data, you need to write to our support team with a corresponding request using the feedback on this site.

  • Privacy policy

    You can view our privacy policy here.

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